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Tranquil Essence Scented Soy Candles - 9oz | Eco-Friendly Aromatherapy

Tranquil Essence Scented Soy Candles - 9oz | Eco-Friendly Aromatherapy

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Immerse yourself in the serene embrace of our Tranquil Essence Scented Soy Candles. Each 9oz candle, encased in a sleek glass jar (2.8" × 3.5"), is a beacon of tranquility for your home or office. Crafted with care, our candles feature a blend of 100% natural soy wax, ensuring a cleaner, longer burn of 50-60 hours. The heart of each candle is its 100% cotton wick, promising a consistent and soothing flame.


Discover a new layer of comfort with our collection of five exquisite aromas, each selected to transform your space into a sanctuary of peace. Whether it's the refreshing morning breeze, the subtle hint of lavender at dusk, or the warm embrace of vanilla, there's a scent to match every mood and occasion.


Each candle is adorned with a glossy, permanent adhesive label that brings your custom designs to life, adding a personal touch to any room. Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts, our Tranquil Essence Scented Soy Candles are not just a choice but a statement of elegance and environmental responsibility. Elevate your ambiance with a candle that's as unique as you are. NB! All our scents share the same wax color, focusing purely on the mesmerizing fragrances that fill your space.

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