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Hikersious Full Colour Inspirational Mug

Hikersious Full Colour Inspirational Mug

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Begin your day with our Full Colour Inspirational Mug, crafted to bring a vibrant touch to your mornings. This mug blends practicality with a message of optimism, offering more than just a container for your beverage. Made from high-quality ceramics, it is designed to hold your favourite hot beverage, ensuring durability and comfort with every sip. The mug showcases a full-colour design, inside and out, mirroring our belief in "Ascend Optimistically to Peak Goals." Ideal for anyone wishing to inject their day with a burst of colour and a reminder of their aspirations.


- Material: 100% Ceramics

- Capacity: 325ml, perfect for coffee, tea, or any hot drink

- Design: Vibrant full-colour detailing, embodying a spirit of motivation

- Care: Hand wash recommended to preserve its inspirational mess

Height, in 3.78
Diameter, in 3.23
Diameter (with handle), in 4.76




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