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Empowerment Flame: HikersIII Motivational Soy Wax Candle

Empowerment Flame: HikersIII Motivational Soy Wax Candle

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Illuminate your journey towards self-improvement and shared success with our Empowerment Flame Candle. Crafted for the soulful wanderer in you, this HikersIII exclusive candle blends the tranquil essence of natural coconut soy wax with the invigorating spirit of our three-step motivational philosophy. Each tin, available in chic gold, sleek silver, or classic black, holds not just the hand-poured wax but also the promise of a brighter, more optimistic path.


Choose your scent from evergreen to fresh coffee, mango coconut, spa retreat, or vanilla bean, and let each flicker of the lead and zinc-free cotton wick guide you through learning, sharing, and thriving. With two sizes to suit your space, the Empowerment Flame Candle is more than a light; it's a beacon for those who aim to hike gradually towards their goals, embodying patience, positivity, and the wisdom of a lion-hearted community. Hand-poured in the USA, our candles are your companion in the journey of life, where every flame is a step towards a positive global economy through optimistic motivation.


- Size Options: 4oz (3.7oz wax) with a 20-hour burn time, 8oz (6.9oz wax) with a 40-hour burn time.

- Scents: Evergreen, Fresh Coffee, Mango Coconut, Spa Retreat, Vanilla Bean.

- Colors: Gold, Silver, Black.

- Features: Natural, hand-poured coconut soy wax; Lead and zinc-free cotton wick; Crafted with love in the USA.



  • Tin diameter, in
Tin height, in 1.77
Tin circumreference, in 8.07


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